Trackpac Takes Off: New Partnerships, Unbeatable Prices, and Next-Level Features Unveiled!

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4 min readNov 4, 2023

Hello Trackpac users, IoT enthusiasts, and newcomers! Prepare to elevate your Trackpac experience with our latest updates that are making it more robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

🚀 Trackpac Gains Its Own NetID

We’re thrilled to announce that Trackpac now has its own Type 7 NetID, granted by the LoRaWAN® Alliance. This enables us to offer LoRaWAN® Network Server (LNS) services and forge strategic partnerships for expanded network capabilities.

With our new NetID we now use the helium network via roaming, allowing us to mix private and public gateways and add new roaming partners expanding how our clients can use Trackpac.

🌐 Say Hello to Our Sister Company: — Chirpstack LNS Hosting

Born from our own need for high-availability LNS hosting services, Trackpac proudly presents its new sister brand,

With prices for shared tenancy starting at just £50 per month, ChirpCloud focuses on providing top-tier ChirpStack hosting for your LoRaWAN® projects.

For those wondering, data transfer over helium remains at just $0.00001 per packet and is paid monthly via stripe invoice.

This separates the usage of the helium network from its crypto side, allowing more companies to use the network without having to handle and account for crypto.

🤝 Extending Our Roaming Capabilities with

Now that we have our own NetID, we are thrilled to add to our roaming options. is a neutral and open Internet of Things packet broker allowing IoT operators to interoperate according to the open principles of the internet.

Our mission is to collaborate with as many LoRaWAN® networks as possible to make global coverage a reality for our devices.

Stay tuned for more roaming partner announcements over the coming weeks!

🎉 Unveiling Our V2 System and Slashed Prices

The Trackpac IoT Management Dashboard

We’ve optimised our architecture using serverless technology and added a new S3 storage layer. The result? A sensor cost of £15 ($18) per year, a significant reduction from our old prices of £32 ($40).

Existing users will be able to add two devices for the price of one, look out for an email from us soon about the migration from V1 to V2 or get in touch to be moved today.

For more information about our platform changes, check out our deep-dive blog post here.

You can view a sample sensor on our V2 platform where sharing has been enabled here:

🌡 Full Integration of SenseCAP T1000 now live

The Trackpac Dashboard for the SenseCAP T1000 showing alarm history, temperature history and light history.

We’re thrilled to announce that the SenseCAP T1000 is now fully integrated into Trackpac, unlocking every feature the SenseCAP T1000 has to offer.

SoS Alarms, Event status, Light, Temperature and GPS Caching are all supported, and our regular features such as Email/SMS Alerting, Full API and Timeline player all extend the T1000 usability even further.

Just got your SenseCAP T1000 or have one arriving soon?

Check out Seeed’s new wiki page detailing the process of adding a T1000 to Trackpac here:

🛎 Why Wait? Join Us Now!

If you’re new to Trackpac, there’s never been a better time to sign up. Head over to and experience these incredible updates firsthand.

Trackpac is an easy to use, all in one dashboard for IoT devices. We support a range of devices from asset trackers, air quality monitors, motion detectors, water leak sensors , temperature and humidity sensors , people counters and door/window sensors to name a few. A list of all our supported devices can be found here.

Missing a device you’d like to try on Trackpac? Make a request here.

We want to thank you for your continued support, and here’s to making Trackpac the number-one choice for your IoT projects.

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