Tracking Transport at Breakpoint 2022

Trackpac Ltd
2 min readNov 18, 2022

A lot has happened since Solana Breakpoint — hats off to all the builders out there building real-world value with blockchain technology. It’s hard to see how much more real world than what you can build with the Helium Network — as an enabler the opportunities are endless, every event, community space, and chat room on the subject throws up ideas for connection, collaboration and execution of ideas that improve the world around us.

The transport tracker app for Solana Breakpoint 2022 was no different. Originally cooked up by Joey (Helium Foundation), Jose (RAK) and Neil (Trackpac) the opinion was what better way is there to welcome folks building the next generation chain Helium is moving to than showing them a real world usecase live.

The hard facts:-

  • We tracked 26 vehicles over 3 days.
  • Every tracker had all packets enabled meaning that any hotspot in range earnt from the data transfer to showcase the coverage, but the total location check-in’s came to around 3,000 which means the total data costs for the event would have been under $0.03
  • We used next gen lorawan tech, utilising wifi sniffing for finding the devices location instead of GPS which increases battery life to be measured in years.

The video below showcases a small snippet of time and the amazing helium coverage a transport van had in Lisbon. Most large cities around the globe have this sort of Helium coverage and the network is ready for businesses to use it cheaply and quickly.

Massive shout out’s go to Jose @ Rak, The Helium Foundation and Amplified who made this project possible.

It feels like this is the beginning of something very big for the event transport space and for Trackpac has also stimulated some interesting conversation with those wanting cost-effective tracking for their apps and events. More on this coming soon.

What Is Trackpac?

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