Solana Breakpoint 2022 Venue Transport Tracking Powered by Trackpac and the Helium Network

Helium moving to the Solana blockchain is a big deal and we’re excited for what the future holds! To show our support for Solana Breakpoint 2022, we’ve developed a custom web app, IOS and Android app to help the Solana community navigate between the venues, highlighting where the buses going between them actually are… we know how tricky Lisbon traffic can be.

Live tracking of Transport vehicles between venues at Breakpoint 2022.

As the Solana conference is several orders of magnitude larger than it has been in the past (not bad for a bear market) making sure everyone moves easily between venues is more important than ever.

Here is the web app link:

We welcome the Solana community discovering the Helium Network and this is a great opportunity to witness the power of Helium-based applications first hand. With Solana, The Helium Network has so many opportunities that are ‘unlocked’ with the scale, speed and engagement that the Solana community will bring to the party. We look forward to developing Trackpac with this in mind as our network and assets tracked scale.

Want to try out Trackpac on the way home? You can buy trackers here and download the Trackpac app here. Psst….we are also building our own hardware that will work for everything from pet tracking to suitcases to laptop bags & bikes… Watch this space.

Hopefully, you’re unlikely to miss the bus. WAGMI!



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