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5 min readDec 18, 2022

Trackpac offers an out of the box solution for users to track assests. Part of that offering is the opportunity to brand our services as your own and offer solutions to your local users & businesses. Today we’re going to be talking about how to get started with a whitelabel solution using Trackpac

What is a whitelabel?

A whitelabel is a product or service that is produced by one company and then rebranded and sold by another company as if it were their own. This is often done so that the second company can offer a product or service to their customers without having to invest the time and resources into developing it themselves.

Can you talk a little about the scale of opportunity for reselling tracking?

We recently had a customer wanting to track builders’ equipment left on site such as generators, diggers and more. They felt it was possible to charge $25 per month per item tracked because of the cost of both lost time to replace and insurance costs.

100 trackers x $25 per month x 12 months = $30,000 in revenue for your white-label per year. The cost for Trackpac would be $4000. There would be an annual profit of $26,000.

Now think how many other exciting opportunities like that out there….

What do I need to provide to get going with a whitelabel, how much setup is there?

Not much is needed to get going, a few basics that any good company needs. Let’s go over them.


The Trackpac logo

A Logo to replace the trackpac logo with, if you haven’t already got branding we recommend to quickly and easily get a logo.


Trackpac’s website

We recommend setting up a website to tailor landing pages to your target audience. This allows you to set up a website that’s specific for your projected users and really drives home content around why it’s needed in your industry of choice.

For example tracking ATV’s? Talk about where it is best to install them, key reasons why having a tracker is useful for ATV’s and tailor product landing pages specifically for ATV related features.

Trackpac as ever is always available to help shape this content with you, we want you to succeed with us.

Domain Name

Whilst your site will sit on squarespace the app will live on the same brand domain name, the web app will sit on a subdomain like If you’ve need to purchase a domain, we recommend google domains, when you use google domains for purchases it can be automatically linked to analytics, google search console, mail and more easily without needing to link your account.


There are a range of options when it comes to trackers, from Digital Matter Oyster 3’s for the more industrial sized tracker, right down to the Browan tab object locator for tracking things like bags.

A Digital Matter Oyster 3 installed in a motorbike.

We can help advise on what’s best and even help beta test devices. We work closely with partners so setting you up for stock or even to help drop-ship is not a problem.

Need a custom solution for 1,000+ devices? Trackpac can work closley with your business to create a tailor made tracker perfect for your use case.

What does Trackpac provide?

Web app

A fully branded solution that doesn’t reference Trackpac. This web app is accessible on your own domain name, for example and allows you to resell our services as your own.

Mobile app (optional)

For the larger users we can fully brand our mobile app in your colours, logos and allow you to offer that mobile app experience to your end customers. They can still login through ours if this is not important to you.

This does come with a small setup cost as it involves manual setup and submission to app stores. Most users find our web app enough for business use.

A Management dashboard

A full dashboard to manage users, devices and more. Add trackers when they arrive and send QR codes to your users to onboard. Manage users and move trackers as is needed from one main control panel.

This is also where you set up billing for Trackpacs services.


Our API provides a way for you to use the data from trackers in existing systems companies have. We have documentation for developers, but we can also provide custom coding for integration (at a cost).

Custom Development

Trackpacs built on micro services, got something you would like us to extend our system to handle? Not a problem! We can develop custom microservices to handle the data and display whatever you need.


Throughout the whole process Trackpac are available for live support. We want to help you grow and you’ll find us bending over backwards to help get you setup and selling.

That all sounds great, how do I get paid?

The beauty of the whitelabel system is you invoice as you like to the user. We can help you get set up with a commerce website such as shopify for automated payments, or you can just invoice businesses directly.

At the end of each month Trackpac looks at how many active devices are on your account and bills per user.

This invoice is raised and sent to you, with payment being taken off your registered card on account automatically.

How long does this all take to get set up?

Once we have your logo and domain name details the web app and management portal can be set up the same day.

Whitelabelling the app takes slightly longer and there are some small costs relating to submission of the application, but generally can be done in under a month.

If you wish to use our API for location and device management, this can be setup same day as well.

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