Hello World — Where Are You?

Trackpac Ltd
3 min readJul 14, 2022

The advent of ‘trackers’ has been forecast since the Internet of Things (IoT) was first imagined but, with power requirements remaining high and cell plans being expensive, acceptance has been slow.

Now, given the ever growing coverage of the Helium Network, sensors are finding coverage and hotspot hosts are being rewarded for their efforts in cryptocurrency. The Helium network now amounts to some 850,000 LoRaWAN hotspots. Powered by the blockchain, Helium — the people’s network — represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.

Helium network coverage, spanning over 850K hotspots live around the world.

Some 248.5 million people across the world now live within 400m of a Helium hotspot — that discounts the fact often these hotspots sometimes achieve coverage of 20+ miles. Now is the time to load this network to its full potential. Tracking, ideally with TRACKPAC, is going to be one of the primary uses of the Helium network. Never again do we need to lose track of a dependent relative, an asset, a pet or a piece of vital information in data form. Tracking through a low-frequency wireless network can be achieved at one tenth of the cost of using 4G sim contracts.

Trackpac offer Asset Tracking on the Helium Network

TRACKPAC has been set up to help businesses gain huge efficiencies and to grow quickly. TRACKPAC is a full Helium partner and our team is embedded within the world-wide Helium community, enabling the provision of tested solutions to assorted local installation enquiries. TRACKPAC has identified the reseller channel, with specialist knowledge of diverse industries (e.g.vehicles/tools/caravans/trailers/pallets) as the ideal partner for putting tracking onto the Helium network. Resellers know their diverse customers better than TRACKPAC and can make concessionary offers to direct customers for bulk sales and quick adoption of the technology.

Our app is all about the user-experience. We believe TRACKPAC is a wholly intuitive app while looking and feeling beautiful. When you are ‘looking for something’ — essentially when you are tracking — you need a tool that is easy and pleasant to use. The tech inside our app is novel, robust and, uniquely, offers blockchain-verified positioning.

A 150KM journey over Portugal tracked with Trackpac

To bring tracking onto the Helium network we’ve developed the app (for both android and iPhone users) that allows asset tracking simply by scanning a QR code. We look after all the plumbing within the network and there is no console requirement for the user. Straight to the app. Straight to tracking — this is what we believe the user cares about.

However, our vision for ‘Tracking by Helium’ goes much further than phone-loaded apps. We have developed a web management dashboard that will enable our resellers and partners to white-label our technology for their customers — again, seamless user experience is the goal.

So check us out today, we’ve launched our new website and have more distributors signing up every day.




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