Helium in the Wild, London 2022 — A showcase of what can be done on the Helium Network

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3 min readNov 14, 2022


#HeliumInTheWild London 2022

When GristleKing (Nik) announced he was coming to London for the Helium In The Wild tour sponsored by the Helium Foundation we knew we had to be part of it. GristleKing and Neil have been long-term collaborators driving the community forward. At Trackpac we are building on top of the Helium Network and there was a lot of fun to be had showcasing the coverage London has by gamifying the mapping of some iconic parts of the city.

So many amazing images of mapping across town came back from teams of folks who attended looking to learn more about using and building a business with the Helium network. It’s important to stress here, there is a tonne of potential. LoRaWAN is widely used in the B2B context but in the B2C space, it is relatively unknown. Helium can change all this but builders have to first learn about the network, then build a model and then a business.

Partnering with Browan, Trackpac gifted 16 Browan Tab Object Locators to the mapping event allowing people to get hands-on with their first Helium sensor. We’ve already seen them being used for tracking their personal assets, as seen below from a recent submission from a user. Feel free to #trackpac tag us into any photos you have of your trackers and work in the wild — love to see them.

Below you can see the progress of one of the trackers throughout the event, the hotspots it passed data through and get a scale of just how good asset tracking on the helium network is.

Helium Coverage being mapped

Some hard facts on the data:

  • 17,000 DC used in total (All packets was enabled meaning anyone in range earnt from the DC usage).
  • Total cost of $0.17 to provide data for 16 trackers for the day.
  • New businesses that were interested in Helium got to test usage first-hand.

It was inspiring to see so many different groups of people all of whom have an interest in IoT and what the low cost of Helium can do to bring about seismic change. From acorns to oaks were the vibes at the event.

Huge thanks go out to GristleKing, MrsGristleKing, The Helium Foundation and RSA for making the event possible, and to everyone who attended and spoke, supercharging the event with the energy needed.

Who are you going to invite to add sensors to the network? We bet you know someone who would love to know about it!

What is Trackpac?

Trackpac is a low cost, long life asset tracking app built on the Helium network. For just $40 per tracker per year anyone can get started in seconds. Find out more at https://trackpac.io.



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