Bailey & Jones + Trackpac on the Helium Network

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2 min readAug 31, 2022


Bailey and Jones project.

Bailey and Jones is a premium London-based construction firm with a fleet of thirty vehicles that it always needs to keep an eye on, as they are valuable and business-critical.

Keeping construction supply lines moving enables timely delivery and business continuity. Digitising their fleet and tools gives a new perspective and competitive advantage, Security and peace of mind in one.

Robin Jones, Founder and MD of Bailey and Jones

Collaborating with Trackpac using the Digital Matter Oyster 3 trackers, their fleet of vehicles is tracked every second of the day.

Trackpac enables users to create geofences, an area that when a tracker enters or exits sends users a push notification. This gives businesses such as Bailey & Jones high levels of visibility on when and where assets are and if they have entered or exited an area without disturbing the team on the ground. It’s simple but it is time-saving.

A Geofence is being created. If a tracker enters or leaves a notification is sent.

With the Trackpac app, website and API all available to customers paying $40 per tracker per year, the data of their assets can be passed into their larger management system and the team on the ground can respond according to disruptions and evolving timelines.

Trackpac uses the Helium network, which is what makes it unique, inexpensive and blockchain based. Helium is the largest wireless network in the world and uses LoRaWAN technology to send the positioning data across to our app. Many thousands of people around the globe contribute to the development of technology and network making it the largest continuous p2p network in the world.

Looking to bring your assets online, join us. You can buy trackers here. You can download the app here, you can chat with us here.

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